GWPCA SHOW 10 28 2007

The GWPCA Comformation Events presented the finest of our breed. Our thanks to Laura Reeves, Club President, and the very capable individuals of our club that made the National Events very successful. The dogs were magnificent, the handling excellent and the judging very professional. Cudos to all!!! If you see an image in the presentation that you would like, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to send along a high resolution pic via e-mail. Again, thank you all for making the event a great success. Jim Isom

IMG_2322 Cropped
IMG_2323 Cropped
IMG_2325 Cropped
IMG_2341 Cropped
IMG_2346 Cropped
IMG_2350 Cropped
IMG_2363 Cropped
IMG_2436 Cropped
IMG_2443 Cropped
IMG_2451 Cropped
IMG_2479 Cropped
IMG_2483 Cropped
IMG_2500 Cropped
IMG_2518 Cropped
IMG_2526 Cropped
IMG_2528 Cropped'
IMG_2535 Cropped
IMG_2540 Cropped
IMG_2544 Cropped
IMG_2559 Cropped
IMG_2575 Cropped
IMG_2577 Cropped
IMG_2578 Cropped
IMG_2581 Cropped
IMG_2583 Cropped
IMG_2586 Cropped
IMG_2590 Cropped
IMG_2594 Cropped
IMG_2595 Cropped
IMG_2603 Cropped
IMG_2622 Cropped
IMG_2631 Cropped
IMG_2637 Cropped
IMG_2648 Cropped
IMG_2659 Cropped
IMG_2665 Cropped
IMG_2668 Cropped
IMG_2693 Cropped
IMG_2702 Cropped
IMG_2707 Cropped
IMG_2711 Cropped
IMG_3296 Cropped


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